Graffiti wall!

Here's the latest look at our Graffiti wall!

love and peace whoah, a BBS that is still up...amazing! Who is John Galt? Reptilians!!! Nerds rule!!! Just... Pure... AWESOME. Still up in two-thousand-thirteen, baby! Indeed Indeed! ^^ Sfin-control I want to play!!! Run like the wind! Amitoj Dat feel when no gf. hey everyone The wall never ends! hello world! kyrandia for sparta! BBSing in 2016 LORD in 2018 cant believe it! JAY IS SLOVENIAN TISENU BIG GEJ Seabreeze is back yes ! WOOHOO games Nice to see BBS's still around in 2019 Happy Tree Friends is great amirite? Hello World Di'orden wishes he was here 20 years sooner BBS's... my childhood... ahhhh the memories HERE IN 2020!!! Take off the Masks 2020 still bbs-ing in 2020 oh yeaaaah Im Alive Feel like young again Sept 2020 - 3 months to Christmas *<<<- I am Pseudonymous. I am Anonymous. Sept 2020 ... *Christmas almost here* hello This wall is too long its not wednesday my dudes pizza pizza We all gonna die #Armaggedon Yon on Jhoon Subscribe to PizzaYT names Sorry Link, I can't give credit. Come back when your a little, Hmmmmmm, Rich. hi everyone :) I enjoyed looking around your BBS for a brief time; Will be back! horoscopes What are you gonna do when you live in a shoe? memes Hello I eat Jello, to stay mellow, like so I can bellow, out soft lines like marshm 2022 Tele-Arena Rocks the socks in 2022 I'm so happy a BBS exists in 2022, yall are pog No matter where you go, everyone's connected. I AM GROOT hello people sshing into BBSs in 2023 :) this is amazing, love bbs Hello, how is everyone? Some days you get the bear and some days the bear gets you! Nice to see a BBS near my hometown of OOB is still up! *waves* Back in December 2023! Hello from 2024! Is anyone there? the online feels so empty now

The end!