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Added 2 Teleconference Games, Brawl! and FoodFight.
The Sea Breeze Gaming Network has a doctor in the house! Feel free to chat with him. You can also have him make a house call into the teleconference area by typing Call the Doctor
Added AFK - Away from keyboard, Birthday Announcer, and Cyber Cards. 5/29/2023

We Upgraded Tele-Arena Classic to version 5.31.


We added some new games: Clans, Jedi Knights, Falcons EYE, Starship Galactica, and GruntFest. Also added NEW IGMS for lord. We also just added NEW Usenet, find the new Feeds in the forums


SBGN added 2 new games to its line up - Rassle - Wrestling Simulator and Time Trials - Racing Simulator


Sea Breeze Gaming Network is BACK! We are Adding NEW Games and stuff. We've added Number Shuffle, Strategic War Game, Empire of the peasents, RoboDroids.


Added the poobah list to the SOC page, Also added a map by Zurd for SOC


Redid the menu on the website! And ADDED the NEW Swords of Chaos Page which is under Construction!

Added 2 NEW game Battledroids, and Empire of the Peasents. Also redid some of the game menu's.

Work today on getting up the majorbbs server which it is now online! Also got the IRC Server back online. Aswell as update some menus and pages :)
We are now connected to Worldlink. and Dopewars server is also back online.
I worked on getting all the games up on ther server. I am working on a majorbbs server to run the very old games infinite complex and tons of others. I'll also be updating the menu's 3/25/2012
I got a new server computer and now the BBS seems stable once again. I also got the other computer going again so all games should be back up and running now
We added more games! Rancho Nevada, Bar World, Studette, MultiUser Scrabble, and we registered Land of Devasation

We added 4 NEW games Sherlock Holmes, Super Plumber, Prize Vault, and Studs! We have also updated the Scores page with so new games and fixed problems with others!

Redid the menu's over on the site...also Added the new Super Nintendo Library!

Added DreamShopper to the Arcade section!

We have Added a Arcade Section to the Website! You can play many of you old time favorites! Donkey Kong, Pacman, Ms Pacman, Bobble Bobble, Rush n Attack and many many more at the Sea Breeze Arcade and we have also add new java games to our single games area...

We have added 31 NEW Games to Sea Breeze Gaming Network - Bingo, Mind Boggle, Turbo Dice, Pyramid Guppies, Aces High!, Triple Dare, Five Across!, BLACKJACK BATTLE DELUXE, Draw Poker, Dice Drop, Dice Duel, Evidence, Gamble 'N Guess, Guppy's Gold, PRO,GOLF!, Hang-Em, Jump 'EM, Krazy Climber, League Bowling, Magic Poker Machine, Double or Nothing, Poker Slot Machine, Solitaire Pyramid, Poker Squares, Stooge Mania, Super Recall, Trivia Tac-Toe, Double Trouble, Turbo Guppy's, Wheel Of Misfortune, and Mahjongg from the main Games menu hit H

We added 4 new RPG Server IraqNoid, Hack 'N Attack, Tank Command, and BatGuy from the main Games menu hit O

We have gotten Mutants and the Door game servers, Tradewars and Space Quest 2112 back up :)

We have Added a NEW mud Server Called WolfMUD...we plan to develope it so any ideas for races, spells, or areas please write me at seabreezegn@yahoo.com
We have also add a new Solitare/Casino Type Game server it has games like Deluxe Hi/LO, King of the Board Trivia, Word Nerd, Murder Motel, and Strike 9...We have also added Space Quest 2112...lots of ansi graphics as you play including explosions as you distroy planets and Ships :)

We added Rocking Radio Game

We've Added GangWars
Do battle with Street Punks, Recruit Gang Members, visit the Gangland Boss, Rob Local Stores, play Blackjack & much more!

We have added a second Tradewars 2002 Game, It is the Gold Edition, Has 20000 sectors, 500 players, and lots of extras :)

We have add a new Version on MajorMUD 1.11n, We also have Registered with www.TurboSentry.net, they manage the biggest list on majormud , The Compile Lots of different statisics, From boards World Wide :) Please check out the turbosentry Website. We have added our tournaments for the month of march,, Yahtzee is for Need For Speed (Porsche Unleashed) and Oltima 2000 will be for Tribal Rage.

We Have registered Dr. Dread, DoorMUD, Links: Country Club Golf, and we sent in for Barrens Realm Elite and Dungeon Master. Soon our DoorMud Page will be online with Maps and information :)

We have Added a BRAND NEW Server to our growing Gaming Network.. It runs RPG Games, Sea Breeze Already offers players over 93 games to choose from and with the addition of this server will allow us to offer MORE Games!

You can Telnet to the new server at telnet://seabreeze.servegame.com:27

Tournaments have started! Check out the Tournaments page: Tournaments Page

There were no winners for the January tournaments.

If you have questions or comments, contact us
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