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Last updated on
Wednesday: 6/14/2023

Added 2 Teleconference Games, Brawl! and FoodFight.

The Sea Breeze Gaming Network has a doctor in the house! Feel free to chat with him. You can also have him make a house call into the teleconference area by typing Call the Doctor

Added AFK - Away from keyboard, Birthday Announcer, and Cyber Cards.

Updated Tele-Arena Classic to version 5.31.

Updated Tele-Arena Classic to version 5.30.

Added SBGN Feedback to the Main Menu - So Users can leave feedback and Ideas to the added to the Site.

I've added some new games, Excalibur!, Galactic Empire, iNfInIty cOmPlEx, Zone Raiders, Quest for Sorcery, Quest for Zenm FOURmation, Alchemy II, Assingment Wallstreet, Quest for the Alchemists, And Sorcerer's Isles.

I'm working on adding more games. and updating webpages and menus.

I've added a webpage Telnet Client to the bbs, so you don't need a terminal program to play the games!!!! Check it out on the Telnet games page

Check out our SBGN ToonTown Server, We added this to continue to grow Sea Breeze Gaming Network!!!!! - Website www.sbgntoontownonline.com

Our Telnet info. is
seabreeze.servegame.com port 23

We hope you enjoy our site.

If you have questions or comments, contact us


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