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Last updated on
Saturday: 4/10/2021

We Registered Artic Trivia and Tele Arena

Added NeverEnding Stories

Added 7 NEW Games The Great White Card, On the Edge, Treasure Trove, Kings Last, Five Card Draw Poker, Boxed Poker, and Threes shuffles and a draw.

I also Add Legend of the Red Dragon scores to the Game Scores page.

Added NEW Trivia Games, Star Trek Trivia, TV Trivia, and Songs Trivia

I redid some menu's and added a new Version on Legend of the red dragon 4.06. Also added more igms to LORD.

We added a NEW game Clans, We also added new Forums connected to USENET feeds and WABAC Feeds.

We added NEW Games - Starship Galactica, Gruntfest, Jedi Knights, Falcon's EYE. I've also added more side games for LORD

SBGN has added 2 new Games to the lineup, Rassle - Wrestling Simulation and Time Trials - Racing Simulation

We have got our registration for MoMud. Give it a try today :)

I've added 2 New Games Number Shuffle and Strategic War Game. I've Added and Update all the NEW Worldlink Forums, I'm also looking for Donations to help Register Tele-Arena for the BBS.

We Added a few new games and registered a few GaltiTrek, Battledroids, Empire of the Peasents.

I've added a webpage Telnet Client to the bbs, so you don't need a terminal program to play the games!!!! Check it out on the Telnet games page

We have added Back Funeral Quest, You can play on the web!!!!

Check out our SBGN ToonTown Server, We added this to continue to grow Sea Breeze Gaming Network!!!!! - Website www.sbgntoontownonline.com

We are now connected to Worldlink 24/7.

Our Telnet info. is
seabreeze.servegame.com port 23

We hope you enjoy our site.

If you have questions or comments, contact us


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