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Welcome to Sea Breeze Gaming Network!

Thank you for your interest in our site!

As of January 1st, 2004, we are asking that all new sign-ups please
use their correct information when signing up...

Our members' accounts WILL BE deleted if ALL information isn't there, or if it appears to be incorrect...
You won't be able to win prizes.

ALL your information stays private. We won't ever sell your information to others. Our sole reason for wanting
the correct information is to be able to contact you about having won a prize.

We will contact you through e-mail and then send the prize through the USPS.

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Accounts are looked over daily.

If an account is found to be:
~ Offensive or vulgar it will be deleted.
~ Without all correct or required information, it will be deleted.
~ Not used for a period of 15 straight days, it will be deleted.
~ IF multiple accounts are made and DO NOT ALL have the SAME information, they will be deleted.

No other warnings, save for THIS ONE will be given.
PLEASE save us from having to delete you!
Put your correct information the FIRST time.

Thank you and happy gaming!

~ Jamie and Becca ~

If you are going to be gone for 15 days or more,
CONTACT US! so you won't get deleted.