Welcome to Sea Breeze Gaming Network's Volunteer Positions Page

We are looking for players to volunteer for the day-to-day operations of the site. We are looking for people to help others understand the different areas of the site. You make your own hours! Be online when you want to be online! You can play while cruising around the different areas...

*~*~* SYSOP *~*~*

Duties will include: checking the games, chat rooms, forums, library of files; helping NEW players; answering questions; backing up the Game-Op's; and booting trouble-making players out of the game(s)!!!

*~*~* GAME-OP *~*~*

Will be assigned to take charge of ONE game. Their duties are to make sure players are enjoying themselves and booting trouble-making players out of the game!!! Sysop's will back up Game-Op's.

*~*~* PROMOTIONS-OP *~*~*

Will be responsible for coming up with ads and helping to promote the site. You'll have Sysop abilities on the site...

If you are interested in
or want more info. on becoming a
Sysop, Game-Op or Promotions-Op
contact us

-:-:-:- Current Game-Op's are -:-:-:-
Ladydove - Mutants (Lead Mutants OP)

-:-:-:- Current Sysop's are -:-:-:-

-:-:-:- Current Promotions-Op's are -:-:-:-
Becca and Jamie

-:-:-:- Head Sysop -:-:-:-

If you have complaints about any part of our site
contact us